Let Us Be Thankful~~ Susie Austin

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Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.

I had to smile today when I decided to use this quote as it is actually quite true. I think everyone learns a little every day even though we may not know it. This might be something to reflect on at the end of the day, think of at least one thing you learned during the course of the day.

I am sure you have had a number of times when you were reminded very quickly of the fact you still have your health. I have a perfect example, a number of years ago I was leaving the hospital after having a test for nerve damage to my neck. I was not to happy with the results as the Dr had told me I have carpel tunnel in both my wrists when It was my neck I had been concerned with, As I was leaving the hospital I ran into a friend who was pushing his walker in to receive oxygen treatments in his blood. You see he had a foot amputated a number of years ago and was doing well with his prosthesis until he had to have the other one removed. The second foot was not healing and he was having a difficult time. At that exact moment a story popped into my head. It was the one where the man was upset because he had no shoes until he saw the man with no feet. It was one of those life changing wow moments.

Ever since that day I have a bit different perspective on life and suffering. I learned a lot that day. Can you think of any examples of life changing wow moments in your life? I invite you to share them if you would like by leaving a comment.

Let’s all be thankful we have today, and let’s take today to realize what we are thankful for. I truly believe at all times to try to keep your sense of humor as well as it just has a way of making you a happier person. You will like yourself and others around you will like you too.


More on Raising Children~~~ Susie Austin

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Nov 10 2014

I had a pretty good lesson on reality in the last few days. No one or no one’s families are perfect, we like to think we are, and no one has the answers except God. Never think that things will always be smooth sailing because that is the time we have lessons to learn. I am grateful for those lessons today because it is showing me how much I have grown over the years. Children are always your children however when they grow up and more family is added to the mix things can be complicated sometimes. Love them where they are at, learn to step back and breath and pray and things will be okay. Be grateful for the people in your life who keep you grounded and you can lean on for awhile. May God bless you today and show you the light at the end of your storms.


If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Nov 10 2007

This morning I planned on finding some wonderful words of wisdom stemming around children. After searching for a very long time for just the right words I have come to the conclusion this particular quote says it better than any rich text or flowing words of wisdom.

With all the responsibilities of life we have been given the single most important one is our children. How we as parents teach and raise them will determine the future of their lives, how our country survives, and even how humanity survives. These are not the easiest times for our world and the planet much will depend on future leaders which are the generation we are raising. Sounds pretty heavy doesn’t it?

In these days of text messaging, ipods, video games children many times children forget about imagination because they feel they need to be entertained. When my children would tell me they are board I respond by telling them they are boring. This was and is always a good opportunity to educate them on what it was like when I was a child and all the wonderful things we did revolving around using our imagination and spending many hours outside playing.

I believe as parents we need to be teaching our children and learning from our children. I found it difficult at first to admit I can be wrong as well, but it was a good lesson for my children to know parents can be wrong too. I feel it is important for parents to apologize when they are wrong as this will teach children they too need to apologize when necessary. So many lessons with children, there is never enough time or paper.

The single most things I am grateful for in teaching my children after God, is compassion and love. How to give back, how to volunteer, how to be passionate for something you believe in. Giving from the heart by using time and talent when the financial resources are not there. All these things combined with education and life experiences will ready them for their future.

I feel they have learned this well! I can not tell how amazing it feels when someone tells me what wonderful children I have.

Today my daughter who is away at college is home and I have all my family together and I feel whole, happy and content. I am no expert and have learned and am learning every day.

Life is a wonderful journey, remember to take time today to hug your children, tell them you love them and how proud you are of them no matter if they are five for fifty.

Susie Austin

On Parents and Children

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Too often we give our children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.

Roger Lewin:

Seven years later and I feel the same I did when I wrote this, with three of my four children away from the nest. I now am learning many new lessons as a parent. I still want to fix their problems, I still want to take their pain away and I still have a very hard time letting go. I have also learned how important it is to continue to lead by example. Live a life of integrity, compassion, love and ethics is just as important with young adults. My youngest got her learners permit a couple of days ago. Wasn’t it yesterday I was not worried because she would be my little girl forever? Every time one leaves it takes a little of my heart with them. Now I have beautiful Grandchildren to cherish and love. Time never will stand still my friends cherish each day regardless of the situation.

If you are a parent I would like for you to think about this statement today. I find myself thinking back through the years; I remember giving my children answers. Many times it was easier to give the answers rather than give them the problems to figure out on their own. Have you ever done things just because it was easier to do, instead of asking your children to do it? I know I am quite guilty of this.

Parenting is a learning process just as being a child is.

Parents sometimes have difficulties admitting we don’t have all the answers or we too can make mistakes.

I was once told you’re not really a parent if you only have one child as they can’t blame each other, fight, and so on. 🙂

If you are a parent and have more than one child do you do things differently from the first child to the last? I am sure we all learned how to do things a little different.

My oldest child was perfect in my eyes. She was beautiful, very smart, responsible, and fun. I was told many times in her very early years as in kindergarten and first grade, they had never seen such a responsible child at such an early age. Looking back I am not sure this was such a good thing. Now as a young adult will she ask for help when needed, or struggle on her own. She is still beautiful, smart, responsible and fun but now has to solve her own problems and as a parent I struggle with wanting to do this for her. I truly believe the most difficult part of parenting is watching your children suffer in any situation. Letting go is not to easy as well but I don’t think we ever fully let go nor should we.

I will never be able to explain the mothers love for a child; it is something only to be experienced. I am grateful to have amazing children, we learn from each other, we love each other and although the oldest is away from home she is our hearts always.

Susie Austin

Passion and purpose

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When we make a decision that we feel good about, we receive it as energy that propels us along a particular path… Our passion is the energy through which we serve our purpose. When we serve our purpose, we feel our passion. By following our passion, we will tap into the energy God gives us to serve our purpose. –Betty J Eadie -The Awakening Heart


Today would be a wonderful day to examine what it is you’re passionate about. When was the last time you have even thought about it? Do you remember the last time you felt the energy inside when fighting for a cause, in a constructive argument, been involved in a cause to effect change or decided you wanted a career change because you were not fulfilled?

I think many of us get used to the norm of everyday and have a tendency to let our passions go or at least forget about them for awhile. For many a little bit dies when passion is forgotten. The question I hear then is, what happened? Could it be you have lost your passion for life and the energy for purpose?

There are a few things I suggest to help get back on track. It is important to take some time and write down what you’re actually passionate about and have been in the past. Remember how much energy that was inside when you were serving that purpose. Listen to your spirit, feel good about decisions; your spirit will receive the energy again.

It might be a good time to think about our purpose. Do you feel you have a purpose? Personally I feel I have many, I do recognize them as well. One example that stands out in my mind very strong today is my mother.

She raised eight children, and is reasonably sane which still amazes me today. Of course I am kidding. I watched my mother care for her own mother when she was sick. She nurtured and loved her with a passion I can’t really explain. She again years later did the same for her aunt whom she brought home across the country to care for. The unconditional love she showed for these two incredible women have a special place in my heart. She had passion and purpose, I am sure was to be an example to others like me as well. To be a great woman there is no need for fame or fortune. God truly blessed me when he entrusted me in my mother’s care!

I only know this; I want to lead a life of passion and purpose and to do this I need to be aware of life and all I am passionate about. Today I suggest finding your passion and purpose!

Susie Austin


Life and Death

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Words keep swimming in my head today as I am not sure where to start. Yesterday the father of 3 of my children a man I once was married to and loved with all my heart died at 54 years old from addiction. Honestly I am not sure how I am supposed to feel, numb, sad, pity. God put it on my heart today to write so here I am with a message and it’s not about the pain and heartache that my family has been through the years. Yes there was plenty of that with the kids growing up without a dad because of his illness. It’s about many other things like forgiveness, unconditional love, Gods grace, education, strength, and ethics, doing the right thing, family and healing.

Quite a statement I know! Recently we received a call that there was not much time and he would soon be gone. We have not seen this man in well over a decade, and the question became what to do? The answer came rather quickly, we go to New Mexico and we forgive and heal so there are no regrets later in life. We drove to New Mexico from WI with very few stops and through the laughter and the tears we began a journey together not knowing exactly what to feel. Steve was dying of alcohol addiction and was being kept alive by many machines when we arrived. He could not talk as he had a breathing tube. He knew we were there and when the sedation was lifted could open his eyes. When he heard the words Papa Bear from his oldest Nicole he was very aware of them being there.

I cannot stress enough the importance of teaching your children!! Tell them about addiction, if it is in your family tell them, give them a fighting chance should they come face to face with it someday. My children went to recovery meetings with me most of their grade school years. They have seen by example a mom who beat addiction, they have seen a mom not afraid to take a stand, and do the right thing, they have a seen a mom who loved them enough for a mom and a dad. I saw the pain of not having a dad on parent’s night, on homecoming, at concerts, I was horrible at making a derby car at Boy Scouts, I walked my baby girl down the aisle at her wedding. I felt their pain and could not help. I cried many nights because being a single parent was not the way it was supposed to be, I had no one to back me up when I needed strength. Somehow it did not matter anymore when we saw him lying there. It was a time for forgiveness, compassion and love. How my children handled this was truly amazing! Although it broke my heart, it was incredible, especially when we held hands and prayed over him. I truly believe he found forgiveness and he is now resting in our fathers arms. I believe he found favor with God and I told him to go ahead and with God he can prepare a place for his children in eternity.

The lessons here have been amazing, I was privileged to see my children forgive and love unconditionally. Staying by his bedside for hours telling stories praying, holding his hand, letting him know he was not alone. They know their dad never stopped loving them; he could never get away from the horrible grip of addiction. I was able to forgive and be there for our children, gone was any resentment from the past and what was new was hope. Hope that he could find a place with our Lord after all the suffering on earth.

Please do not think that addiction is a moral issue because it is not. It is a horrible illness that is socially unacceptable because most think they can choose to not use. In the beginning maybe however in advanced stages people die!! Moms and dads, children and friends, no one is exempt. If you can reach out to someone, just do it, let them know someone cares, pray for them, don’t enable them but be there for them, and learn what resources are available in your area. I did not mean to sound like a commercial but if we can save just one life it will be worth it.

May the peace and joy of our Lord be with you today and always

Susie Austin

Friendship and Listening

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The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention…. A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words.

Rachel Naomi Remen:

I have learned over time how important being a good listener really is. Many times we find ourselves with friends that are struggling not knowing what to say. It really doesn’t matter to much the content, as the fact I am there as a friend. I am sure that could be an arguable statement as sure it does matter what is said, but the point being friends just need to know we care and we support them. I have said many times to friends “there is nothing I can say that would make you feel better but know I am here if you need me.” This statement says a lot as it can be quite difficult at times to be a good listener. It is very easy to give our opinions and experiences instead of paying attention to our friend. For those of us who are rarely at a loss for words it can be quite challenging.:) Listening is a skill that has to be practiced as sometimes it does not come easy.

We all have lifetime friends and maybe we don’t see or speak to them very often, but there always is a place in our heart for them. Life gets busy and we get caught up in living everyday we don’t remember to thank them or even contact them as much as we should.

I have told my teenage daughters many times, years from now you will not even remember your old boyfriend’s names but your good friends will still be there. Think for a moment of your old friends and memories from years past, I hope the smile on your face and the love in your heart prompts you to contact them. Make a phone call, write an email, send them this blog but let them know how important they are in your life and much you cherish their friendship.

I am truly grateful for all the amazing friends who I have been blessed to have, and if you are reading this my friends know where ever you are in life, whatever stage our lives have touched you have made a difference.

We should cherish friendship for it truly is a gift. Be a good friend, love well and remember to be thankful for all the wonderful people in your lives.

Susie Austin

Gratitude for Those Who Have Lighted a Flame

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At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.

Albert Schweitzer:

I would Like you to take a few minutes today and think of the people past and present who have lit a flame in you. It could have been a teacher, friend, sibling, parents the list can be endless. Chances are you will find many to add to your list. For today let’s reflect how these people have made a positive impact on your life. Do you remember some of the positive influences early in your life? Write them down, who they are and why. Move on through your life and try to remember specific people and how they lit the flame within you. How has this make an impact in your life? I am sure your list will grow as you begin to remember fondly these people.

The next thing I would like you to do is make a list of those you have been a positive influence in their lives. How many people can say you have you lit their flame? It may have been kindness, encouragement, influence, guidance to name a few.

I would like for you to take a few minutes from your busy day to think with gratitude of those who have influenced your life. Is it possible for you to contact them and thank them? Maybe send them today’s quote with a little note or even today’s blog. I am always amazed at the technology of today as it allows us the freedom to find and communicate with very little effort.

You just might be able to light the flame in someone else by reminding them how they had lit the flame within you and how you were positively influenced by them.

Today have gratitude for those in your life and if you see or feel a spark flicker don’t hesitate to rekindle that flame in someone’s life. You just might find your own light grow brighter as a result.

Susie Austin