What is Your Passion

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.
Small people always do that,
but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

–Mark Twain

How many times have you heard parents tell their children, well that is admirable, but you should think of something a bit more practical. I think this is the first mistakes we as parents can make. As a parent of teenage children I encourage them to follow their dreams whatever they may be, but also have a back up plan. When job coaching adults, I attempt to have participants realize they can have at least part of their dreams or a similar version.

Look to what it is you’re passionate about and move forward in the right direction. This is all life encompassing not related to employment alone. I am amazed at how many people tell me they have nothing that really excites them. I ask the question what are your passions, hobbies, secret ideas? There is usually an answer, photography, then do it! Take a class, get a camera and start clicking! Football player, then volunteer as a youth coach! Singer, join a community choir! This list can be endless, but you have to start to realize dreams are within your reach just grab on and enjoy the ride.

Ten years ago if anyone would have told me I would be writing a daily blog, Life Coaching, Speaking publicly, loving my life and my job I would have laughed. I had and still have wonderful mentors who make me believe in myself and so should you. Stay away from the negative people in your life, hang with the winners or the people you want be like when you grow up, Keep your sense of humor, trust you are where your supposed to be in this stage of your life and thank God every day for the gifts he as given and continues to give you.

Today is the time to begin again! Start to dream again and find the gifts you have been given and peruse your dreams however big or small. You can accomplish great things which will make you happy and satisfied. Don’t forget to encourage those around you to follow their passions as well. At the end of the day celebrate and tell yourself this is a job well done!


~ by coachsusie on September 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “What is Your Passion”

  1. There are many out here who try to squash dreams. 1 reason they do, is fear. If you actually achieved your dream, then maybe, just maybe they could also have thier dream. Of course, that would mean exerting effort towwards a possibility, and not a sure thing.
    Many people are aware that Hank Aaron was the home run leader for the longest time. What they don’t realize is he also struck out 3 X’s for each home run. So, he had to keep stepping up to the plate to eventually be the home run leader.
    Your dreams are the ticket out of the mundane life! reach for the stars. Or as Nike says, just DO IT!!!!

  2. Sometimes dreams become nightmares and life leaves us wondering why me??? Our lives take on the excesses that opportunities present us. We live beyond our means, losing sight of our passions, dreams, and who we are. Through adversity, we are forced to redefine ourselves. With your help during a most bleak period in my life, you taught me the importance of dreaming, setting goals, and being passionate about life. The dreams that developed were much different than ones that would have been in my life just a few months earlier. Because of you, the dreams that developed in my life are now making a difference in a number of people’s lives in areas I would have never “dreamed”. No matter what age, we all must continue to dream and find new meaning in our lives. While monetary compensation will never be found in many of these dreams, the satisfaction, passion, and happiness of making a difference and being appreciated by these people, makes me feel more complete and fulfilled than anything money or a Visa card can buy. You reminded me the importance of staying positive, so negativity does not erode the gains being made in your life. As a mentor, I try to say at least 5 positive things to one negative in my interactions with people. Kind of a takeoff on what you do to change negative people. Most importantly, it works!! Yes, I have become one of those “annoying” positive people. These people end up with greater confidence and are more at ease with their surroundings. Most importantly, these people are learning from me, just as I had learned from you, to be passionate about pursuing their dreams. So Susie, today you can feel good about a job well done. Your passion is second to none. I am glad that you shared it with me. I now am able to “keep the line moving” sharing it with others. Keep pursuing your dreams and ambitions, you make a difference!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Jeff, I am proud of the wonderful progress you have made and the difference you are making in others lives!! You are awesome!!

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