Life Lesson on Character

  It’s not how you win that defines character it’s how you lose

I am reminded of this lesson on character on a daily basis. I privileged to have learned some very important life lessons from the children in my life. I have teenagers in athletics and yes I am one of those proud parents that go to every game and cheer. I have observed much more this year as my daughter has not played. She went from a starting position in her sport last year to not playing at all this year. Although I am in total disagreement with the coach I have kept been reasonably quiet and supported my daughter. For those of us who tend to be vocal this was quite a difficult task.

What the result has been is a very defining moment in these girls lives.

There are six young ladies five of which are seniors that have not played at all. They have taught me a very humbling lesson which is pride and attitude. Throughout the season these girls shown amazing maturity,  sportsmanship and character. Most of them will never play an organized sport again but they cheered their team and held it together until the game was over. We then as parents took over and held our girls while they cried in our arms. What they taught me was more important than winning a game. They had pride and dignity and sportsmanship and I am privileged and proud to know these young ladies. In the end the team accomplished their goal of winning one game in the entire season but at the expense of hurting these young ladies.

The wonderful teachable moment is this; I have told these girls all season how proud of them I am but, now they believe it. This has built their character and strengths and they will remember this and as they progress in their lives. They will with time forget the humiliating and hurt feeling, but will remember the parents of all the players including the starting six who told them how proud they were of them, how they handled themselves, their sportsmanship and integrity. These girls are true heroes in my book.

Don’t ever stop looking for teachable moments as this is where we learn the most life lessons. I thank these girls for grounding me and teaching me a little lesson that was quite difficult as well. It was scary thinking I might have turned into one of those negative big mouth parents. How to not say anything and stay positive was a real challenge for me.

The key was early on in the season the seed was planted in these girls minds of what amazing sportsmanship they showed, and they continued to grow and stay positive. For those of you who are parents it is your job to plant the seed. If you are a coach maybe think about learning from this as well as this is life lessons not a game.

For today I would like you to find one thing in your life centered on character and see what positive thing you can do to effect change. It begins with you, have you told anyone your proud of them lately? How about “you did an amazing job today”!

Play the game well, handle it with dignity, have good sportsmanship and lead by example.


~ by coachsusie on October 10, 2007.

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