The Beauty of Your Dreams

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Author: Eleanor Roosevelt

 I love this quote and have used it many times! I feel it extremely important to always dream and encourage those around us to dream. Have you ever had anyone squelch your dreams or tell you that is not possible? I am sure it was not a good feeling, but on the other hand how did it feel when you were encouraged to follow your dreams.  My next question in this, at this time in your life journey are you still dreaming? If not I encourage you to begin!  Are you encouraging those around you to realize dreams are possible and happiness if within their grasp? 

The beauty of this is exactly what Eleanor Roosevelt said in these key words, future, believe and beauty. The future meaning your future and all that is possible within your own life. Believe in yourself and you will have the confidence to move forward with your goals and dreams. The beauty in having the vision of what dream small or grand you want to accomplish.  

This is a wonderful way to begin your day by realizing you are capable of being and accomplishing great things. It is a commitment you can make to yourself and start moving forward immediately. I would encourage you to say this,  “Today I make a conscious decision to start to dream.”   When you have done this, start by writing all the dreams down you would like to accomplish and what you are most passionate about. Once you have finished this, pick one thing and take an action step within one week.

For example you would like to learn how to dance. Research what kind of dance, look up studios, compare cost if this is a concern, and consider asking a friend to participate with you. When having done this I think you will be excited and quite possibly have enrolled. The sense of accomplishment is incredible and will motivate you to move forward.  

The wonderful truth is this, once having realized you can accomplish a dream it will move you forward in new directions and the possibilities are endless. For today it’s ok to daydream, afternoon dream and evening dream. Celebrate the beauty of these dreams, believe in yourself that you too can realize that these thing are possible


~ by coachsusie on October 12, 2007.

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