Anger is a Wasted Emotion…

Anger is a wasted emotion

Susie Austin

Have you ever really thought about anger and what it is? It is an emotion yes, but let’s take a look at what Wikipedia says about anger. The expression of anger can be through active or passive behaviors. In the case of “active” emotion, the angry person “lashes out” verbally or physically at an intended target. When anger is a “passive” emotion, it is characterized by silent sulking, (hostility), and tension.

How many of us have wasted many hours being angry and feeding on that anger. Have you ever heard the saying turn the other cheek? I don’t think I quite understood it until about 9 years ago. I wasted most of my energy those days being mad at pretty much everyone and blaming my circumstances on everything else instead of getting to the root of the problem and figuring out a solution.

Until I got over my anger I really could not focus on my problems and what caused the anger in the first place. Anger feeds negative thoughts.

How do we get over our anger and focus our energies on being positive? Until we stop focusing on who and what we are angry about this can’t happen.

Have you heard the saying it’s not about you? Well in this case, it is all about you!

The word forgiveness is hard because it means moving past what is causing the anger in the first place. Let’s look at some examples, perhaps you feel a previous employer is giving you a bad wrap, or you’re angry with a former spouse, or someone owes you a sum of money. Yes you have the right to be angry but is it doing you any good? What would happen if you forgave and or forgot about it? Just move passed it and see what happens. You will have a sense of calm and inner peace. Try this exercise and see if it helps. Make a picture or write on a piece of paper what it is you’re angry about. Pick a time when you can make a small ceremony or be alone and being careful outside, burn the sign and tell yourself this is done. The trick is to never again let this anger control you. If your anger is centered around a person, then forgive that person. Let it go and you will experience freedom. Is this easy? Absolutely not, but this can also be a goal and you can make dramatic progress in a reasonably short period of time. There is a certain calm about moving past your anger, remember you control your emotions. Once you have done this you then can concentrate on positive emotions. Celebrate your success!!!!!

Get over it

Get on with it

Get ahead of it


~ by coachsusie on October 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Anger is a Wasted Emotion…”

  1. I am having a problem with “Anger is a wasted emotion!” Maybe it is the motivation that causes change. If someone is not doing you right, and is continually putting you down, anger may be the one motivator for you to finally take charge of your life and say, “Enough is enough!” It could contain enuf calcium to grow a backbone and cause you to make a positive change in your life. Just a thought.
    On the other hand, I do agree that to many of us hang on to anger like it is our right, when it is really not. And, it festers into something that destroys us thru elimination of the good in us. Thru mature lifestyles, we gain knowledge as to when anger is good, or when it is bad. And we need to eliminate the bad.
    Thru these blogs, I am inspired to look at my life, evaluating it according to a moral standard. I thank you for the expressions of where you are on the scale.
    May you have a blessed day.

  2. rather anger often serves a postive use too

    God is angry at the wicked persons every day ..

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