Happiness is Your Responsibility

Winston Churchill

The Price of Greatness is Responsibility.

Being responsible has many effects in many different areas of our lives but for today I would like to touch a little on responsibility as at effects your happiness. I believe it is or can be a conscious decision to be happy. Your future happiness comes from you not to you. Personal responsibility is different from having responsibilities just as is learning how to respond to life rather than react to it.

I believe we have a tendency to blame everyone else instead of taking personal responsibility. A good example of this would be when my son called me to pick him up he made me angry as he did not arrange ahead of time for a ride. Actually I became angry with him, he did not make me angry, and this is where I take responsibility. Putting this in perspective gives me the power within myself how I am going to react to a situation.

By taking personal responsibility for our own happiness, I feel is a wonderful step toward living the life you desire. I make a choice to be happy and I feel many people can achieve a life of happiness when this concept is grasped and practiced on a daily basis.

The price of greatness or great happiness does depend on personal responsibility. In the case of happiness I encourage you today to look at your inner self and remember happiness is all your responsibility and only you can create your future happiness.

Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on October 31, 2007.

4 Responses to “Happiness is Your Responsibility”

  1. Fantastic post, coachsusie. We often relinquish much of our responsibility to other energies. There is so much information out there on “how to be happy” or this, or that. Yet, there is one thing that is timeless, and that’s personal responsibility for our own happiness, or anything for that matter. I’m not sure if you’ve checked out my post today on happiness. I speak of excitement and enjoyment. However, there are many hidden messages in there. I’m not sure whether people will pick it up. Hint: catastrophizing, unnecessary labelling, self-awareness, and perspective. they are the key words that are hidden.


  2. Some people have defined responsibility as “response ability” but I think it’s more than that. Taking responsibility is not about ‘responding’ but about ‘taking initiative’. It is not just an ‘ability’ that we do or do not have but it’s a ‘natural quality’ that we are all endowed with. Would you agree with that?

  3. I do agree with you, responsibility is about taking initiative. We all should have some natural ability but if this was never nurtured or taught as a child and into adulthood it could be lost within ourselves. This is where life lessons and personal experience can teach us and help us grow. Thanks for your wonderful comment!

  4. When my step-sister was about to be married, I an usher at the wedding told the bridal party after the rehersal dinner that what ever went wrong the next day would be blamed on me and therefore we could spend the day enjoying ourselves. It was a great relief to everyone that the ‘blame game’ would not be happening.
    In light of the post, we should take responcibility for our our actions and the resulting reactions. Say your “oops” and mean it, and get on with it.
    Tho in your sons case, he also needs to know the responcibility of his actions. And, your reaction was from a direct hit to your “take responcibility” teachings to your son. I also know that your kids will turn out to be pluses in the community because of the responcibility role you play in their lives.
    Way to go, Susie. Keep ’em coming!

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