More on Friendship~~~~~~Susie Austin

The only way to have a friend is to be one.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I am reflecting what friendship is and what it means to have true friends I have to smile as I asked my eight year old daughter her thoughts. We can learn much from the innocence of children. She is having a sleepover tonight with a friend who she does not get to see often as she goes to a different school. It might as well be a different country as far as third grade children are concerned. She has been beside herself all morning preparing by doing her chores making lists and planning their activities. She bought her a gift and wrapped it three times before she was satisfied. I have to smile while watching her excitement in anticipation of the evening ahead. Do we as adults show the same excitement towards our friends? Maybe we should consider this more?

Today I would like to encourage everyone to think of their friends and how they treat them. I would also like for you to look at how you teach your children to reach out to friends and family. Today my hero is my sister in law who is always there when I needed her and even when not. She has taught her children well as they have the learned and have become compassionate, caring and responsible adults that I am proud of. My deepest sympathy as she recently lost her own sister. She is a true sister, always here for me and never asking for anything in return.

Please think of who some of the heroes and friends in your lives. Tell them how much you care and appreciate what they do, and have done for you. A true hero is someone who lights the way for the rest of us. It is our responsibility to pay it forward and light the way for others as this is the way we can make a difference in our world.

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on November 17, 2007.

One Response to “More on Friendship~~~~~~Susie Austin”

  1. How true…i often find myself on the giving end a lot of times, and I do realize that that’s what my heart has been equipped for…to provide comfort to others, and It really makes a difference when someone show’s you how much THEY really do care about you and how thankful they are to have you in their life.

    SO mom…I know that you hear it every day…but you are AMAZING…and i’ve been so blessed to have such a friend, a mother, a blessing from God, and I don’t tell you enough how proud of you I am at how far you’ve come and continue to stide onward into your beautiful future. God has blessed you in so many ways and we are so blessed to have you as our friend. So thank you, and please know that I LOVE you and will always put my trust and my heart in the support that I send your way…forever and always!!!

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