Happiness is Not a Secret ~~~~~~Susie Austin

Leo Buscagila

What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.

 I remember listening to Leo Biscagila talk many years ago and what always remained in my mind was his love for humankind and his never-ending joy. He was known as a cheerleader for life and used the quote “Life is a Banquet “often. I remember watching him speak, his incredible zest for life was electrifying.  One of his trademarks was his awesome hugs, he believed in giving great hugs and after presentations he was known to stay for hours giving hugs. I was privileged to hear him speak when he was on PBS stations in the 1980s and was amazed how he could be so incredibly happy with life. He paved the way for many motivational speakers but I believe there is no one who could quite compare to Leo Buscagila.

When we talk of happiness and the secret of, but is there a secret? I don’t think so, happiness is a choice. We can choose to be happy today or we can choose to be negative. It is in our power to make this decision on a daily basis. We can adapt to our surroundings or we can change our surroundings as happiness is contagious. When you’re in a great mood and smiling people notice and in some way you have the power to make someone else’s day happy as well just by the positive energy you emit.

 I come from a family that likes to hug. I believe hugs are compassionate meant for comfort and caring. It is a good idea to ask permission when giving a hug as it is not for everyone. It is also OK to ask for a hug as hugging is a practice of sharing, if you need a hug then ask for one. Giving and receiving hugs can make you happy and a small but important thing to do.

I think you probably agree this happiness is not a secret but for today let’s think of conscious ways of being happy and making the people in our lives happy. Choose to get involved with life and make decisions to be happy and those around you will notice. If they are sad, maybe ask them if they need a hug. You never know you just might start something happy and fun. Have the new theme “Do You Need a Hug” In your home, circle of friends, dorm, office, (be careful here) see the results and I would love to hear them.  I am sure you will get a lot of smiles.

Make this day your best! Susie Austin    


~ by coachsusie on December 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Happiness is Not a Secret ~~~~~~Susie Austin”

  1. this reminds me a lot of me…and my life….also the life God calls us to as SERVANT’S…it’s important to be there for others, and it is so nice to just get a hug…to know someone cares about you and the little things to make someone’s day! Also i find that just SMILING at random people is fun to do…if you’re not too intimidated! =)

  2. and my dear Nicole you do bring a bright spot to many peoples day!
    and give some of the most amazing hugs in the world!

  3. When I first came to Milwaukee, I used to frequent a bar near me. I gave the bartender a hug one day as life was kickin’ her butt. She enjoyed it so much, that I could not go in there without giving her a hug. She would pass on the hug to any other person who needed one. That became my signature for the time I was there.
    I have since carried that practice over to my church, and I can’t sit down sometimes till all the hugs have been passed out. It is one of those gifts where the receiver gets as much as the giver.
    I met Leo back in the late ’70s when he came and spoke at our school. I would say that he is more responcible for my interest in the self-help area than anyone I know. One thing that impressed me about his life was his thirst for knowledge. His dad insisted that his children learn something new each day. Leo said that sometimes he would run to the encyclopdia before dinner so he would have something to tell his dad when he asked, “So, what new thing did you learn today?” Leo would spout off what he had just read, and his dad would say to his wife, “Honey, did you know that?” Yes, Leo had many valuable lessons to pass on.
    Thank you for your blogs. They help us to gain new focuses.

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