Through the Eyes of A Child~~~ Susie Austin

Louis Pasteur:

When I approach a child, he inspires in me

two sentiments; tenderness for what he is,

and respect for what he may become.


How many times have you heard this before?? Have you ever thought about what it means?

 I learned more from my little one then from any book. Children learn how to distrust, how to fear, how to love and how to live good and bad. Have you ever heard the saying “do what I say not what I do?” How many of us are guilty of this? Let us reflect on a time in our life where this might have been a fact. 

We all seem to know what is right or wrong and have no problem telling our children or someone else’s children this. The key is how do we live our life? If we could go back to the simplistic life of a child and live now, with the excitement, wonder, and awe that children naturally have wouldn’t it be wonderful?  In all actuality we can! I suggest you watch children for a little while, go to the zoo or a beautiful garden someplace where you can study the children and how they react to life and carry that over to your own life. This time of year is perfect as we see all the wonder and excitement this season brings. 

Find something your passionate about something that makes you happy and enjoy!  Wherever we are in life we need to let that inner child come through at times. It will make us happier and let us live a in a little bit different light. Take a minute and stop along the way and enjoy the outdoors, a friend, something that makes you happy, and the whole day can be changed for the better. Pick something every day and remind yourself all day long.  When you’re at the end of your day reflect on how different and more positive your day was because of this. Never forget to look to the little children for guidance; I am sure they look to you. How wonderful would it be for them to remember you as a happy positive force in their life? Little do they know that it is a two-way journey! 

Always remember this thought.

It’s the Journey not the destination!

 Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on December 13, 2007.

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