A Coincidence is a Small Miracle~~~~Susie Austin

A coincidence is a small miracle

in which God chooses to remain anonymous.


I thought this quote to be quite charming today as I was looking for just the right thing to say. How many of us have had experiences that have been amazing, coincidental, or almost scary. How about thinking they are not coincidences at all but little miracles God gives us. Do you believe in miracles?  If you have stories of miracles I would like to hear from you if you care to share by leaving comments. I have many stories of miracles it would be very difficult to pick one.

 Since we are very close to Christmas I would have to say the miracle of birth would be my first thought. I believe all births to be a miracle but especially my youngest daughter. She was brought this world under very difficult circumstances as my life was leaving a dark place at the time. I was sick and in a recovery center when I learned I was pregnant. I was very angry especially with God at the time as I wanted to get better and could not understand what purpose this would have in my recovery. I already had three small children had lost all worldly possessions as well as my husband. I weighed maybe one hundred pounds and was not healthy.

I turned over my life and start to become healthy in mind, body, and soul.

The second she was born the first thing I did before I even looked at her was look up and say “Thank You” to God as he gave me this amazingly beautiful and healthy baby. I believe she was a sign of forgiveness for I could not forgive myself for what I had become. She is now a quite intelligent third grader and knows that she is a special gift given to me by God!

 I truly believe she is a miracle and was brought into our lives for many reasons at

Exactly the right time. I believe there are no coincidences unless we also call them miracles.

 What a wonderful time to reflect on those miracles or coincidences in your life. I encourage remembering these times, sharing them with others and believe miracles happen every day. It seems this time of year we are reminded of them more often I encourage you to share them often. Have a day full of love and kindness! 

I would love to hear your Miracle stories, you may do this by leaving a comment.

Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on December 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “A Coincidence is a Small Miracle~~~~Susie Austin”

  1. When I met my 2nd wife, I found out she had lost 5 babies due to a problem called pre-term labor. She lost all 5 around the 5th month of pregnancy. Her previous husband had been climbing the ladder at JCPenny’s, but after the losses, he dumped her. We met, and, in the second year of our marriage, after we lost a girl at 5 months, she became pregnant again. I had gotten a new job and the doctor she picked happened to have been studying PTL for 25 years.
    The day my wife was rushed to the hospital with our second baby still inside, 13 weeks short of due date, she was praying with Danuta Soderman, a hostess on the 700 Club In VA. Danuta suddenly had a Word of Knowledge , when she said, “God knows the suffering you have been going thru, and He promices you will be taking this baby Home!” She spoke those words in Virginia, to a member of the watching audience.My wife said a peace came over her like she had never known before. We ended up with 2 sons, each born 10 & 9 weeks early. but both have grown to become healthy men who turned 21 & 19 this year.
    Yes, I absolutely beleive in miracles and the God who gives them to us. And I thank Him daily for all He has given to me. And, asked forgiveness for what I have taken, without His blessing.

  2. Beautiful 🙂

  3. so, i have been reading what you are writing… here and there, i can’t say i have read the entire page, but when you tell me to. i read it… eventually. I think your yongest daughter is definatly a miracle, she is so amazingly smart and cute… so are all of your other children don’t getme wrong. I just am reflecting on a few things right now like you said. I know life does get rough, and it has not been the best year. at times like these when i get sad and frusterated with life and how things are going…. i go to my “happy” place… for me… my happy place in my mind when i am the most happy, is when i am with my family. Life takes some crazy turns…. and im up for this adventure, but when it starts going down hill… i always rememberhow God gave me the best miracle… my family… i have never seen a family as close as ours seems to be. it always makes me feel like i truely belong there and eases all my frusterations. I am so thankful for all of you i really think life would be a LOT more down than up with out having this happy place to go to. Im glad he put me in this family. I know he sent you to us for a reason… i dont think necessarily JUST to help you. it changedour lives forever in the most wonderful way. can we say for sure our lives would not have turned out this same way?? we dont know… Im willing to put money on no. I would never have been baptised, and never got to spend the best times of my life with my cousins and aunt who i pretty much love more than anything in the entire world… including my mom bro and dad… God bless all of us for bringing us together. i am eternally greatful.. AMEN…

    typical me…. tearing up while writing this 🙂

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