Wrap Your Family Up In Each Other~~~~~~

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is

the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in

each other.
Burton Hillis

These last days before Christmas things can get hectic and stressful. I believe we all can have a wonderful and loving Christmas. I am grateful and happy that my family is all home together safe and healthy. This is the most important gift I could have this year. My wish for everyone is to have a wonderful holiday season filled with laughter and happiness.  

In order to do this there has to be a conscious effort as it just doesn’t happen naturally.  The pressure and stress of shopping and busyness of the season can wear everyone out.  Keep these thoughts in mind and remind yourself as well as the loved ones around you. Remind each other the real reason for the season and have fun together. 

 Make time to play a game or a family movie, something fun to keep things calm. There are many Christmas movies on TV these days. Take a drive and look at the lights in your neighborhoods. Enjoy the days as they will be soon over and we then can concentrate on carrying the message through to the New Year. 

 Love one another and enjoy the wonder these days bring. Let the magic fill your soul and be blessed you are where you are this day in this time with those you love. 

Susie Austin 



~ by coachsusie on December 22, 2007.

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