Change Is The Law Of Life~~~~~~~~Susie Austin

John F. Kennedy:

Change is the law of life.

 And those who

look only to the

past or present

are certain

 to miss the future. 

As this year is almost over I would like to suggest you consider the word change for the coming year. Are there things you would like to change in your life but have not make any steps to do so?

 It is a time to look at the past year and not dwell on it but reflect on the things that happened good and bad. What life lessons did you learn, you may want to consider writing them down as this is a wonderful way to check your progress through the year. When things seem a bit our of sorts go back to the last year and remember all the difficult things you have overcome and this new one is just a stepping stone in your progress. 

The present is a gift we have been given daily; it is our choice how we choose to use it. My suggestion is to make each day count as you just don’t get it back. 

  It is essential to be very careful not to get stuck in the past or even the present as change is a normal progression of growth, which can open doors.  We have to be able to accept change as a pathway to the future of our dreams.  

In order to have the future of our dreams it is quite necessary to have a plan and goals. The first step in this process is to have a dream and find out what it is we are passionate about.  For the next few days I encourage you to create a dreams list and begin the process of mentally preparing yourself for positive changes in the coming year.

Look to future with excitement and hope for change is the law of life and when we realize this, the fear that goes with it will turn to excitement and here is where your journey begins. 

Susie Austin 



~ by coachsusie on December 30, 2007.

One Response to “Change Is The Law Of Life~~~~~~~~Susie Austin”

  1. One of my Teachers once described a true passion as “something we would do, regardless of whether we expect compensation, recognition or rewards. We simply do it.”

    Non-attachment is often the key to growth– when we become “attached” to a particular past or future plan, it’s easy to get stuck, and forget about simply being.

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