Start Next Year “ALIVE”~~~~~Susie Austin

Goals are not only

absolutely necessary to

motivate us.

They are essential

 to really keep us alive. 

 Robert H. Schuller

Being this is the last day of the year it is time to really take a good look at the coming year and what you want to accomplish small and large. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be complete in a day a week or even a month, this is a work in progress and should be adjusted as you progress throughout the year. 

I think this a perfect time to also reflect on the past year and be grateful for the gifts you have been given as well as lessons learned. How much did you grow in the past year and how do you want to move forward in the coming year.

I think the key to the coming year is the word “alive”! I would like everyone to choose to be alive in every sense of the word. What that might look like is totally up to you, but for now begin to dream of what life as you would want it to be looks like.

This the last day of the year my wish for you is to have a safe and happy New Year with the vision of being alive and living a life filled with hopes and dreams for the future you would like to have.


Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on December 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Start Next Year “ALIVE”~~~~~Susie Austin”

  1. Interesting that this would be your subject today. Just completed a phone call on goals for the coming year with an employer of mine. We spoke of goals and the coming year. Having achieved many of my personal and professional goals from last year, my main concern was to create a passion and a fire, to feel “alive” and bring humor and fun to my life, living each day as if it were the last. Not putting off until tomorrow decisions and goals to bring about real positive change in all aspects of my life. In other words to stop shuffling along thru life. Bringing desire with a feeling of urgency and excitement that does not only allow to achieve your goals, but also have them envelop you with life, with passion, hopes, dreams, and successes that makes each day a new vision, not a rerun.
    Happy New Year Susie and all your followers!!

  2. very good Susie. Its must make you fel very good to help so many people. Have a great new year. LOVE Dad

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