Using Your Life Lessons~~~~~~~Susie Austin

Knowing that we can make a difference

in this world is a great motivator.

How can we know this and not

be involved?   Susan Jeffers


I was deciding for quite sometime today before beginning to write. I have spoken to a number of people on their opinion and the trend seems to be leaning towards making a difference through life lessons.

Many have experienced difficult and life changing situations. I believe most if not all of us can say we have experienced difficult times. What I have noticed is this, most people do not know how to look at this as a positive, spending too much time dwelling on the negative or the poor me syndrome. I truly believe many do not how to take the lessons learned and move forward in a positive  direction.


How about thinking in this context? I have learned from the experience, how have I become a better person and how can I use this knowledge to help others? 


When you think in this way it is possible to develop an entirely new perspective. Having talked today to a number of people regarding how their experience can be used to help others it became clear to me there are not many people that think this way. The exciting part of this was everyone was open to learning and all felt better at the end of the session.  In addressing the lessons learned and how much progress has been made, is the beginning of learning to think in a more positive fashion.


I encourage everyone today to list a few very important lessons you have learned in your life and share them with someone. Usually it is through the most difficult times we become better people. Think about giving back in some form, the results are worth the effort. If your difficulties were in a certain area choose that particular arena, as this is where you will make the most impact. Stay focused and celebrate the person you have become, remember though we are all a work in progress.


Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on January 16, 2008.

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  1. Hammm… Nice article… Interesting.

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