Lessons from My Wrestler~~~~~~~ Susie Austin

  In the end, it’s extra effort that separates

a winner from second place.

 But winning takes a lot more that that,


It starts with complete command of the

fundamentals. Then it takes desire,

determination, discipline, and


And finally, it takes a great deal of love,

fairness and respect for your fellow man.

Put all these together, and even if you

don’t win, how can you lose?”
       -Jesse Owens

Today I am privileged to be attending a wrestling tournament and have been observing the wrestlers and their parents. I happen to have a son that wrestles and it never gets easier as a mother. The early mornings, the weigh ins, the nerves and praying he does not get hurt.

These young men in this sport have amazing ethics and work extremely hard. Wrestling in particular is very intense and difficult. It takes a great amount if courage for these young men to participate. The losses are quite difficult as this is a one on one sport, but they know one of the ways to learn is by mistakes.

When talking to the boys today, they told me you have to be emotionally strong as well especially in tournaments 

because you wrestle a number of times and you have to be able to stay ready emotionally and physically.


This context applies to adults as well, we learn by our mistakes. If we never made any mistakes we would not have the life lessons which make us who we are today. I encourage you to look back to your high school years, if you can remember that far back J and reflect on lessons you have learned. If you have children ask them to remember the lessons they learned in high school some are very hard ones, and if you have a child in school use these examples to teach. Many times children do not know they are learning lessons unless you point them out to them.

 This is our responsibility as parents and mentors. We never stop being parents and I encourage you to consider yourself a mentor. I never miss an opportunity to have discussions with children and adults as well. I feel this is part of our responsibility to give back and to teach.

 I learn every day; I would hope you would as well, and share what you learn. Make this day count and make a difference! 

This post is a bit late today as I had internet problems. My son Dustin finished with five wins and zero losses. He was amazing, but more important than winning was the parents of a young man who came to talk to me after.Their son had a very difficult time and was quite upset and visibly showed this during the match. Dustin took time to talk to him and help him through his issue. This is in my mind and the mind of his parents, is the sign of a true winner. I guess there was a reason I could not post this until I was home for the day. My friends never miss the opportunity to recognize and give credit; I told him I was even more proud of him for his compassion and caring. This was another example of a perfect teachable moment!  

Susie Austin



January 19, 2008


~ by coachsusie on January 19, 2008.

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