Football and Life~~~~~Susie Austin

Football is a great deal like life in that

 it teaches that work, sacrifice,

perseverance, competitive drive,

selflessness, and respect for

authority are the price each and

every one of us must pay to achieve

 any goal that is worthwhile.”

       -Vince Lombardi


What makes a winner? It is a combination of many things, It is the ethic, sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance in which we participate. It is the lessons learned, the way we handle ourselves and the desire to win.

   Being from WI I have the privilege to have been a Green Bay packer fan since I was able to remember. I have five brothers and most played football and I have a son who plays football. We here in WI take football pretty serious and we have the great fun to have a Cinderella season.  

Today we are playing in the NFC championship game and it is in Green Bay at Lambeau field.  What a thrill! It has been fun to see everyone with packer fever even more than normal. More importantly I have always said Green Bay has the best fans in the league, having lived in other states I have always stood by this.


Even the bad years it was still impossible to get tickets to games. This is where difference lies in my opinion. This loyalty builds winners and pride, and so this should be with our lives.


This is a game yes, we have fun we yell and cheer, but we live in real life. Consider carrying this attitude of dedication and winning into your everyday life. What makes you a winner? What are your core values and beliefs and do you live with integrity and pride every day?


Consider your life a championship game every day and at the end measure your success and congratulate yourself for a job well done and being in the game.

Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on January 20, 2008.

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