Wisdom and Life Lessons~~~~~~Susie Austin

It does not take sharp eyes

to see the sun and the moon.

Nor does it take sharp ear

sto hear the thunderclap.

 Wisdom is not obvious.

You must see the subtle

and notice the hidden

 to be victorious.

— Sun  Szu      

I wrote this a number of years ago; “with age comes the knowledge and the wisdom that we crave, through all our lives experiences does it teach us to be brave? How do we know the answers is there a reason is this a test? The trick is to be the best you can be and never settle for anything less.”

  When we define the word wisdom what do you think about? We hear the sayings, old and wise, wise beyond her years, and let us not forget the three wise men.  

Most would say wisdom is an accumulation of knowledge or could even be the result of lessons learned and common sense learned as life progresses. It is difficult to really define wisdom as it has many facets, being called a virtue, spiritual, philosophical, and even cultural. The point is this, although there are many ways to define wisdom, everyone has a pretty good idea what it is and would like to be considered wise.

We gain wisdom in everything we do if we are aware of it. If our experiences teach us lessons, we learn from them, we share our knowledge, and become better persons, we then become wise. The key is to be aware, and acknowledge to ourselves we have grown by this experience.


Today consider taking a few minuets and writing down things in your lifetime that has made you wise. Some may be very subtle and some hidden. It is very easy to recognize the subtle things but I encourage you to spend some time on the smaller and more hidden things in your life that has impacted you and given you the wisdom you possess today.

 It maybe is difficult lessons but you also have to be aware of all life’s experiences as they have made whom you are today. I am a much better person as a result of my difficult experiences and I use the wisdom I have learned to help others.   

Be them good, happy, or difficult, our experiences teach and gives us wisdom as we continue our journey though life!


Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on January 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wisdom and Life Lessons~~~~~~Susie Austin”

  1. I totally agree… the experiences that one encounters on a day to day basis may be just a normal occurance, but for me this summer, each day and every moment was a struggle and I learned so much doing door to door sales. You may think I wouldn’t but a wise person once told me to remember that it’s the journey not the destination. I thought it was a crock, but it’s true each moment helped me to really figure out who I was and how strong I was. It was a blessing to have such support from someone even though I didn’t embrace it…I made sure to remember the one person or thing that was my blessing for each day, and I would focus on that, and it was truly amazing!!!

    So, my point being that no matter the day look for each little miracle that may make you smile or just brighten your face as you pass by, wave, or help them…with gratitude and grace!!!

  2. Keep it up Suz MUCH LOVE Dad. Very Good

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