CC~~~ Compassion and Caring~~Susie Austin

Have compassion for all beings,

rich and poor alike;

each has their suffering.

Some suffer too much,

others too little.


Life’s journey is one of self discovery we learn lessons on many things. It should be one of happiness although we need to realize there will be bumps in the road and it is how we handle these that will make us better people. This will help us build character and strength for moving forward in life.

Very few people I know have made it very far without diversity and difficult times.  I have come to know many people who are and have had tremendous challenges; they have had pain and bitter disappointments. I am amazed at what they need at this point in their life. Many times it is simply someone to care, have compassion, listen, and tell them it is ok. Most people don’t like it when I say things will get better but I say it anyway. JThen follow it up with; it is a fact, things will get better it is not a question of if it is when things improve. 

 Others need to know they are not alone. Once they understand this it seems to lighten the load a bit, make them feel better and this makes it a little easier to focus on what needs to be done to handle the situation at hand. The single most important, ok the two most important things to remember are compassion and caring! 

 Please think about yourself for a minute and consider stepping away from yourself and your bubble,  and possibly being a more caring and compassionate person toward others. We live in a selfish world that you have the ability to change by changing yourself and by sharing of yourself. 

If you are unsure how to accomplish this I suggest reading on the subject, asking someone, being aware of how you treat others. If you are a compassionate and caring person then consider giving back. Teach others and show by example, explain your actions to others in teachable moments as many have never been taught or learned these things.

Consider CC.

Carbon Copy yourself to others on the subject of

 Caring and Compassion. Unabridged (v 1.1)carbon copy –noun

1. a duplicate of anything written or typed, made by using carbon paper.

2. a near or exact duplicate of a given person or thing; replica.

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on January 24, 2008.

One Response to “CC~~~ Compassion and Caring~~Susie Austin”

  1. I have raised both of my mother’s children, including myself…alone. That was just the beginning of a very unhappy life. Now I am thirty and things have not gotten any better. It’s true there have been times when things have “improved”, but they never stay that way for longer than a few days. I have been to the doctors and all that and I have done tons of research on my own…to no avail. I have spent hundreds of hours doing very difficult volunteer work with people who have mental illness and people who have disabilities, not to mention I have taken care of my mother more than she ever took care of me. Now I have been abandoned by my entire family for reasons I am still unclear on and my partner seems to not care about me unless I am yelling at him. When I met him he was a VERY HEAVY DRINKER and I helped him through that and now I feel owed… I know this is probably not the right way to “feel”, but I will not lie, I do resent him deeply. I just know no one cares for me, not one person knows me, and I try not to think these things…I know it’s wrong to want and want and never have and I know it’s wrong to only see what isn’t there, I just need some caring and compassion. I have been through so much physical illness and lost so many people I cared about, been raped (begged for help with that one and NEVER GOT ANY HELP!) I don’t know if it’s just where I live but there just seems to be no where to turn. The opposite of Faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. At times I wish I could be as apathetic as others, but then I don’t really want to be numb and oblivious like just about everyone else. I know I am not alone in my “lostness” and that is what makes it worse is that I know for a fact that others are suffering even worse than I am and they have no hope and no future. I feel like I just can’t carry on this way. I don’t have any desire to die, I just need someone to listen, someone who I can listen to, someone who actually gives a S**t! I am still waiting for this person and actively seeking help but I am very discouraged and after all this all I know is that no matter what good you do in this world, you are never to expect anything good in return…I won’t be holding my breath for anything positive to come my way or for me to even find it myself,although I will keep trying in vain. All my comfort is gone and the few people I had are gone from this world now. I have thought this whole time that I was always doing the “right” thing and helping this world and myself, but I have come to find something much more bitter and tough. They tire of the storm, those that know the calm…

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