May the Positive Force Be WIth You~~~Susie Austin

You possess a potent force

that you either use or misuse,

hundreds of times every day.

 J. Martin Kohe

Stop and take a minute today to consider what this quote  and what it means. What is the potent force you posses?  I believe you have the power every day to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Our attitudes and moods whether they are good, bad, positive, or negative have direct effect on the people we come in contact with daily.  

 Take a look at yesterday and think of all the people you came in contact with including the clerk at the gas station, the person who checked out your grocery’s, and the stranger who you may have been sitting next to at an event. Were you a positive force or maybe a bit on the crabby side,  no force at all?   I was waiting in line to get my grocery’s and the clerk was noticeably quite frustrated at the special needs person who was trying to find enough change to pay for her soda.  The line was getting quite long and the person kept putting uncounted pennies into the clerks hand with the counted money, in which she was still short. I stepped in and paid for the rest of the soda and told the clerk it was OK and smiled at her. At that point I could see all the stress drain from her face and the woman with the soda was very thankful

This was an example to the clerk, the woman buying the soda and the impatient people who were waiting in line behind me.   I suggest today to pay attention to what opportunities small or otherwise you might find to make a difference.

 Use your positive force and try to keep the negative away, you never know who you who maybe influencing by your positive or negative forces. Be aware of what is happening around you, and notice the influence others have on you and the people around you.

May the positive force be with you!  

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on January 25, 2008.

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