Thank You~~Have Gratitude~~~Susie Austin

The deepest part of human nature

is the craving to be appreciated.

William Jones

  Feeling valuable as a person as well as what you do is a very important result of using the words thank you. We all need to feel valued, cherished, and loved. When we feel valuable we feel important as individuals, and no longer need to pursue approval from others. What we do, our behavior may or may not be appreciated but it is not as important when feel valuable as individuals.   

Feeling valuable is critical to happiness and success. This begins with you in two ways, giving and receiving appreciation. Thank you can be directed toward others, yourself, and life in general.  Practice saying thank you often to yourself and others. Thank you for being you, and thank you for who you are. Look around and be thankful we live in such amazing time and place.

 If you want to stay healthy and have less stress in your life you need to develop the “attitude of gratitude”.  

  Start today with an attitude of gratitude for who you, are where you are in life as  this will increase the likelihood you will become who you want to become, and get where you want to go. You will also live with a much more positive mental attitude which is critical to successful living.  

 Start to practice saying thank you, I appreciate you, I acknowledge your work, I like you, I value you and what you do. These are a few ways to begin to show appreciation to others. I suggest beginning today by looking into the mirror and telling yourself thank you for who you are. This will help you develop the confidence you need to begin to show others how you appreciate the things they do for you in your life. 

 I would like to personally thank everyone of you for reading and leaving comments and especially letting me know if these ideas and strgaties have worked in your life. I am truely grateful to have the opportunity to hopefully help others realise their dreams and goals are within reach.

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on January 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thank You~~Have Gratitude~~~Susie Austin”


  2. A very thoughtful blog. Makes people think. Keep warm give my love to those great kids. Love Dad

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