Believe It Can Be Done~~~~~~~Susie Austin

Believe it can be done.

When you believe something

can be done, really believe,

your mind will find the ways to do it.

 Believing a solution

paves the way to solution.”

 David Joseph Schwartz


Today I would like you to answer these seven questions. If you prefer one a day for a week that is fine but take a little time, think of the answers and write them down.

 I am hoping this will give you a little fuel to possibly consider making some positive changes to move forward to the life that you vision for yourself. 

  What gives you energy?  What drains your energy?

          Excitement gives us energy while drama can drain energy quickly.

What is the gift that you have that you would feel great about orienting your life around?

We all have been given gifts, but we may not realize what they are. 

What motivates you?              This can be being the best, money, prestige, many things motivate    us.            How willing are you to make substantial changes?

Ask yourself how much are you willing change.

Is there anything you feel you need therapy to resolve?

Issues need to be resolved; I encourage professional help when    needed.

 What is your life long dream that is worth living, starting now?

Don’t be afraid to dream again, your future is up to you.

Do you run your life or is your life running you?

This may be a difficult question to answer but being honest with yourself  will help you to move forward to the life of your dreams.


It is very important to remember, living the life you want to live is within your reach. It will take work, passion, and the belief it can be done. We humans tend to give up on the dream too fast.

If you are in a place you would rather not be at this time in life, realize this is temporary and change will come when you believe in yourself. Move forward with passion and excitement for it is within your reach if you take the step to grab hold. 

Life is full of changes, they happen every day. Once we realize this it doesn’t seem so overwhelming and we move forward with a bit more passion, hope,determination, and confidence.

    Susie Austin 


~ by coachsusie on February 4, 2008.

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