Your Belief System~~~~~~~~~Susie Austin

“The world we see

 that seems so insane

is the result of a belief

 system that is not

working. To perceive

 the world differently,

we must be willing 

to change our belief system,

let the past slip away,

expand our sense of

now, and dissolve

the fear in our minds” 

William James


Have you ever had a life changing experience or has tragedy or life-threatening crisis caused you to experience and change your entire viewpoint of your current interpretation of how you view life? That statement can be a bit confusing so I suggest you read it a few times and really think about what it might mean. When this happens you may see life in a different perspective and suddenly your priorities, values, and feelings are modified.     

I received a phone call last night from a very good friend who is having some quite freighting tests in the next couple of days. I had the sudden realization of what is really important once again. I am quite confident things will go well for her as she has been in remission for many years but the threat is there. My friends who wish to do so; a short prayer for her would be appreciated. When this happens we all tend to shift our way of thinking to almost a new mode. I personally feel this can be a very good thing as it brings back to reality and what is really important in life.


Things can be replaced, jobs can be found, but I encourage you today to begin to think of your personal health, your relationships with family, friends and how about your relationship with God?    

You can affect change simply and easily when you modify your basic belief system about yourself, your body, and your life. Take a look at your basic core beliefs, if you adopted new beliefs how would your life change. A couple of good examples could be;


Old: I can’t                                  New: I can

Old: I can’t learn                         New: I am always learning

Old: I am the victim of events    New: I am free to choose

                                                     how I respond  to any event

Old: I can’t trust anyone            New: Whether or not I

                                                    Trust is always my choice.

Old: I am helpless                      New: I am powerful

Old: I am not good enough        New: I am always okay


These are a few of what possibly are some of your core beliefs. What changes can you make to become a better person and help you live a full and complete life? Life can be wonderful and worthwhile, we have to make the decision we want it to be.

My suggestion for you today is to say YES!

Just say yes to happiness, positiveness, kindness, and most importantly to life!   Choose to live not to exist, once you have done this, your entire perspective will change and you will begin a new and wonderful journey!

 Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on February 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Your Belief System~~~~~~~~~Susie Austin”


  2. There needs to be a deeper change while establishing a new belief system… All of us would want to reverse a downturn in our lives.. sometimes by just thinking positively we achieve shortterm results… but we need deeper reason for hope (thinking positively), something that relates to purpose…. life isnt just about winning…

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