Life Instructions~~~The Three R’s~~~Susie Austin

Laurence Sterne:

Respect for ourselves

guides our morals;

Respect for others

guides our manners.


I would like to spend some time talking about instructions for life. I am sure we have heard many times I wish life came with an instruction manual.

 Well here we go, how about creating our own little instruction manual for life!  The first thing I would like to address would be; “Follow the three Rs: Respect for self, Respect for others, and Responsibility for all your actions.  

Respect for self, how do you view yourself, do you respect who you are and what you do? If not are you willing to make changes in the right direction to be a better and earn your own respect? I suggest not putting yourself down, working on positive affirmations, and if you need more help in this area there are many self help resources available especially on the internet. Possibly consider a Life Coach; I have made tremendous progress since I have a Life Coach and have begun coaching.  

 Respect others; I have learned to respect and value other people’s opinions however different than my own. This can be very difficult at times as many do not share the same values, ethics and general viewpoints. This may take a bit of work but it is well worth the effort. You become a better person when you learn to respect others.  

Responsibility for ones actions; Taking personal responsibility for ones actions simply means, take ownership of yourself and things you do. When you do this and are aware of your own actions this should also help with self esteem and respect for others. This is nothing we don’t already know; we need to remind ourselves on a daily basis.

Sometimes I think we have a tendency to make things more complicated then they really are. If you are wrong admit it, if you need to apologize, do it, and if you are right own it, but do so with class and respect.

This begins our little instruction book on life, suggestions are always welcome as I always respect other peoples ideas and viewpoints. Life continues and we need to move with it. Make a worthwhile venture and keep in mind change and growth is a daily process.  

 Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on February 9, 2008.

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