How High Can You Soar~~~Susie Austin

No bird soars too high

if he soars with his

own wings.  

– William Blake 

I think many of us who have a nurturing nature can take a look at this quote and know how difficult it is to let go of someone to fly by themselves. If you have children this may be the single most difficult thing you will ever have to do. Letting them go to make their own mistakes. I remember writing to my oldest daughter, “You have your wings now you can fly!” I doubt we never can truly let go of our children, nor should we have to.

This holds true in almost every phase in life from children to any relationship you may have. I have the opportunity to work with many people and sometimes it is difficult to not do things for them. We have to know if the person is willing to let go as well. Many times we can make it more difficult as we continue to do things and solve problems because it is easier and we know it will work. No one wants to see someone make mistakes but we also have to realize this is how we learn many life lessons.

Remember the times in your life when you seemed unstoppable? When things were going right and you had ambition and drive and it was an awesome feeling? How long has it been since you have experienced this? I believe we should have these experiences continually throughout our life.

Do feel you are soaring and using your wings, or have you been grounded and feel your wings have been clipped? Have you ever been to a rescue mission and watched how the animals are nurtured back to health and eventually released back to nature, it is amazing watching birds take flight!

Consider your own life and what you can do to get back into flight. I find my involvement with the American Cancer Society very rewarding and something I am  passionate about. I also am passionate about my work, my writing and my family. I suggest find where in your life you can begin to soar and find your wings again. Your life will change and you will know peace, as the bird stretches it wings and soars to new heights so can you.

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on February 15, 2008.

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