Look Up~~~Susie Austin

Never look down on anybody

unless you are helping him up.

Jesse Jackson    

I have been observing people for quite some time and I believe there are not many people who intentionally, look down on others. Many are sad, angry, have their own self esteem issues or maybe have not ever learned compassion and how to treat others well. Is there a solution? There are many theories and suggestions but I believe common sense is probably the most effective way to deal with this.

If you happen to be in a situation such as this with a friend or employer, a committee, or a specific situation it is essential you take steps to protect your attitude and keep in mind the wonderful person you are. Removing yourself from a negative situation is probably the best solution but most likely not possible, so how do we deal with it?


Please reflect on Mr. Jackson’s quote today, if a situation out of your control you might want to consider doing something for someone who is less fortunate than yourself to help take your mind off the situation. The reality of the situation is, you cannot control others only yourself.  Be grateful you are who you are and not the person with the issues.  You must be extremely careful not to get involved with negative situations. This can be terribly difficult, but in the long run will be your saving grace. You need to keep in mind the person in question probably has many underlying difficulties which has brought them where they are. If you try to understand this, it might be a bit easier to deal with the situation you are faced with.


Be the best you can be in this situation and you might find things will get easier with time. We are all in each other’s life maybe for a season but always for a reason. Possibly to reach down and lend a helping hand or maybe reach up to understand, this may be difficult to do at times but you will be a better person for it.


Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on February 22, 2008.

One Response to “Look Up~~~Susie Austin”

  1. I think that as a people, we are only as strong as our weakest link. We have all been given gifts that are designed to work together to accomplish as much as WE want, or need. But, when people think they are better than another, it weakens the whole design scheme.

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