A Little About Manners~~~~Susie Austin

Manners are a sensitive awareness

of the feelings of others. 

If you have that awareness,

you have good manners,

no matter which fork you use. 

 ~Emily Post

When deciding to discuss manners today I did not realize the scope of this one word. Did I want to discuss social manners, edict, table manners, morality, politeness, intercultural, bad manners or what not to do?

Think over the last two days, can you remember saying thank you. Please, may I help you? Did you offer someone your seat? Saying excuse me when you walk in front of someone or interrupted another during conversation.  What do you say when someone sneezes? 

Many of these things we take for granted; however what if you have never been taught these things? I believe there are many who have never been taught social skills and in turn come across as being rude.


I believe a great starting point would be to recognize and be aware of this in your life and in life of those around you. Is there something you could to assist others in a way that is not humiliating?


Have you ever thought about teaching or discussing this with others in your life? Manners are extremely important in life especially good ones. Rudeness seems both dehumanizing and threatening, and it is quite possible one may be acting out of ignorance.


Be patient and kind in dealing with others, as you may not know their circumstances. Teach by example, be a good role model and please mind your manners. J


Thank you,

  Susie Austin   


~ by coachsusie on March 6, 2008.

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