Soft Skills~~ How Well You Play With Others~~

“The most important single ingredient

 in the formula of success

is knowing how to get along

with people.” –

Theodore Roosevelt


Soft skills are extremely important in today’s world no matter where you are working or volunteering.

We often talk of soft skills in reference to how well you work and play with others. There are kids who have failed “sandbox” for not playing well with others. Lets fast forward to adult life and take a look at what characteristics make up soft skills.

Some of the best examples are self-esteem, responsibility, self-management, honesty, ethics, listening, and leadership.   

Working in a part or full-time job, volunteering for a nonprofit organization, getting involved in a college or community group, conducting informational interviews with people in various career fields, attending group activities, these all are fabulous ways for you to improve your soft skills.  

Working as a team is a great way to build soft skills. It is crucial to be aware that many are lacking soft skills because they have never been taught them. Problem solving as a team works quite well in finding solutions. I have great success with groups in problem solving, as there is much wisdom and experience in numbers. All people have life lessons to share and with this comes great wisdom. 

 Be willing to listen and to share your experiences you might learn something.  

What kind of t-shirt would you wear? One that says, plays well with others or one that says, runs with scissors! 

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on March 10, 2008.

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