Negative Emotional Storms~~ Susie Austin

When dealing with people,

 remember you are not

 dealing with creatures of logic,

but creatures of emotion. 

 ~Dale Carnegie



Have you ever felt emotionally exhausted or felt overwhelmed from all the pressure inside and felt very real negative emotional storms? Relax, because you are not alone. I think being human we all experience these emotions at times, the key is how we react to them and how we and bounce back.

One very important thing to remember is nobody is putting these pressures on you but you! This a great time to call a mentor, friend, or coach as there is great benefits from discussing the issues out loud with someone. Usually you will find the emotional storm you are experienceing may only be a slight shower and the partly cloudy skies just could turn sunny if handled in the correct manner.   

Break down the most difficult issue at hand and problem solve until you find a solution. If there is not a solution or it was an event, discuss it until you are feeling a bit more calm and you might find it was not quite as bad as you originally thought .There is something very calming in having a discussion with a person you trust and finding solutions to problems or just getting it of your chest and out of your head.    

No one ever said things would be perfect and unless we feel the negative we can’t appreciate the positive. We are creatures of emotion and we should celebrate this as it keeps life interesting. Recognize the difference and make positive steps in being a better person, understand everyone has high and lows emotionally. Make sure the storm passes quickly and blue sunny days outweigh the cloudy ones.

Susise Austin            



~ by coachsusie on March 11, 2008.

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