Wake Up and Pay Attention~~ Susie Austin

If you wanna to be somebody,

If you wanna to go somewhere

You better wake up and

pay attention. 

Sister Act lyrics

Days don’t get shorter. Our attention spans do. How come winter seems like it will never end, but my vacation in January seems like a very long time ago. How can summer be over in a blink when it seems like the weekend will never get here? Why does it seem some weeks drag on forever and some fly by?
Because we’re not paying attention!

It seems we are always waiting for the weekend, we’re waiting for something else to happen in the future, and we don’t take advantage of the day that we hold in our hands.

Have you ever had someone ask what you did last week, or even last night and it was it difficult to answer? You probably wouldn’t have had any trouble if it were spent on something exciting or motivational.

Here is my suggestion for today, don’t wait for tomorrow! Don’t worry about what day of the week it is and take one day at a time. Fill that one day with things you will remember the things that you make memories from, concentrate on making each day count. When you make each day count and someone asks what you did, or someone asks “what’s new with you”, this is your opportunity to say, “Lots!” I woke up and decided to pay attention to my life and it is awesome! I have decided to make every day count and I have found I am a better person. This does not mean there is nothing to look forward to; it means the things you’re looking forward to are even more special.

If you want to be somebody; figure out what it is you want to be and move forward with courage and excitement.

If you want to go somewhere; have a plan, have goals and never forget how to dream.

Wake up and pay attention to all that surrounds us, the beauty of the day, the memories you are making on this day. Be a positive person, one that others would like to be around.

Most importantly, what ever it is you do, do it with a smile and be happy!

Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on March 12, 2008.

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