Believe That We Can~~~Susie Austin

To succeed, we must first believe that we can.

 Michael Korda

How many of us have been told we can’t do something and became discouraged and did not even try.

How sad a feeling this is for both young and older people to have their dreams shot down without even trying. I have an example today I would like to share.

A young man wants to be a writer, however has received no encouragement from counselors or his family. He turned his life around and his senior year earned good grades graduated from high school. Everyone in his family were thrilled when he graduated but that is where it ended. Since then he has held a few jobs but seemed a little lost. Picture yourself in this young mans place with no real direction or anyone in his corner saying go for it, believe in your self, and believe in your dream. 

It takes one person to start the process and this person can be you or me. Last night he came to our house and we looked at colleges and made a few decisions on how to proceed with his dream. I have every confidence he will continue on to school, he will be a sports writer, and he will be a good role model to others. I can guarantee you when he gets there, he will encourage others to to follow their dream as well.

I truly believe it is our responsibility to encourage others to move forward in life especially our younger generation as they are our future leaders. If you have dreams that have been put away or forgotten get them back out and make steps toward living the life you want. It may look a little different than your origional vision but how awesome would it be to accomplish things you had previously given up on or forgotten.

BELIEVE; you can make a difference.

BELIEVE; it is our responsibility to help others by encouraging them to do great things.

BELIEVE; Others are worth your time and encouragement.

BELIEVE; In your self and your ability to accomplish your dreams and great things.

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on March 18, 2008.

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