Stress Reduction~~~Susie Austin


“There are very few certainties

that touch us all in this mortal experience,

but one of the absolutes is that

we will experience hardship

and stress at some point.” 

Dr. James Dobson  



                                                                                                                                                  Have you felt any pressure or stress in your life lately? Maybe it is time to reduce the drain and strain in your life. A very important thing to remember is this; you are in charge of your stress levels and you can learn to manage the stress. This can be used to your advantage if we look at the stressors as signals, we can identify and reduce things that cause you stress. You can make changes to reduce stress but ultimately it is our ability to choose how we respond to stress.



The key to stress reduction is identifying the things that cause you stress. Make a list of the places in your life that are causing you stress such as environments; where you live, work and how you spend free time. Difficult relationships, recurring problems and money are a few examples of where stress may occur in your life. Usually when you take the time to identify stressors in your life it’s a much longer list than you originally thought it would be.


Now that you have identified what stresses you have it is time to take steps to reduce and manage your stressful life.

Just remember AAA, and this is not the automobile plan, it is attitude, action and accountability!



Are you willing to take personal accountability for your attitude?  If your attitude is in a good place you should be in a good place.



In order to reduce stress it is necessary to take action, it is impossible to wish it away therefore you must take necessary steps which involve action. When you are honest and truthful and hold yourself accountable this will help reduce stress and help you move forward with living a healthy, and purposeful life.  

Susie Austin






~ by coachsusie on March 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stress Reduction~~~Susie Austin”

  1. The list of stress sources in our life can fill pages. Naturally positive people are often times able to create a wonderful façade covering up a tangle of stress producers internally eating that person up. We can have a positive attitude, realize that we are responsible for the stress, many times thru our own lack of action. Unless an action plan is in place and one is actively working thru the problems, the stress will only continue to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, taking action often times results in changes to many people in our lives that we touch. In many cases, not taking action is much harder on them than the status quo. As Shakespeare said “Allowing doubts or fears to stop you. Our doubts are traitors. Making us lose the good that would come if we attempt.” Identifying stress factors, solving the ones we can on our own, using family, friends, or professional advice to help us work thru others. Stressful conditions did not happen overnight. Neither will the solutions. Not taking action on the problems, only creates more and we dig ourselves in deeper, affecting us mentally, emotionally and physically, losing our ability to reason intelligently, honestly and with our normal integrity. Right on, Susie.

  2. good if two ways and what if no way

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