Goals and Your Journey~~~Susie Austin

“Goals are a means to an end,

not the ultimate purpose of our lives.

They are simply a tool to concentrate

our focus and move us in a direction.

The only reason we really pursue goals

is to cause ourselves to expand and grow.

Achieving goals by themselves

will never make us happy in the long term;

it’s who you become, as you overcome

the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals,

that can give you the deepest and most

long-lasting sense of fulfillment.”

 Anthony Robbins


I read this a number of times and each time I read it I liked it even more! What a great quote! The actual goal is not the ultimate prize it is the journey getting there. I use the phrase daily and it seems to have become my slogan. “It’s the journey not the destination”, and as Mr. Robbins says it’s who you become as you make steps in achieving your goals.

  Think of a time when you were working on a specific goal or a project. How much work it took, how many problems you solved, how much you learned along the way. The thing to understand is each day is progress, and is a new beginning toward achieving your goal. This is when you can feel real fulfillment. A job well done, lessons learned and knowing you have done your best.   

This is a great motivator if you have goals you would like to achieve. Plan your journey and goals, it is necessary to have goals in order to begin to achieve them.


Studies tell us very few people actually set goals, and of the people who set goals there is a very high percentage of people who accomplish those goals. In my personal observation with groups I have worked with the success rate would be upwards of 90%.  My theory is this, with a success ratio this high why would you not want to set goals. I believe success is waiting for all of us if we take the necessary steps to achieve it.

   Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on March 31, 2008.

One Response to “Goals and Your Journey~~~Susie Austin”

  1. I had set few and achieved and now one is to meet you and hear your rational ideas face to face. Hope achieved.

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