April Fools Day~~~Susie Austin

It is the ability to

take a joke,

Not make one,

that proves you

have a sense of humor.

~Max Eastman  

Happy April Fools Day! 

I have found how little I actually know when I begin to research all the different history of ideas and holidays. It is quite fun as I am learning many new things.


I always associated April Fools Day with practical jokes and tall tales, but never knew where the idea came from. One thing I have learned is there is very seldom a single answer.

Even April Fools Day has many variations depending in the country and era of time. Checking Wikipedia and Snopes I have found it to be quite interesting. In Europe in the 1500’s the Julian calendar was being used and New Years was on April 1. France was one of the first to switch to the Gregorian calendar New Years began to be celebrated on January 1st and all the celebrations associated with it changed making it fair game to play  pranks and sending mock presents to people whom they did not like it, or did not know about the change. There are other stories around this interesting day, some are quite complex and some quite simple as this a lighthearted day marking the change of seasons.  

This is a very important lesson today and it is; “sense of humor necessary!” If you have a joke played on you, have the ability to laugh at yourself and you will be a better person for it. Can you take a joke? Maybe if you have had difficulty with this in the past consider playing along today, you might find it quite fun. If you plan on playing a prank, play nice!  


Enjoy your day and don’t forget to laugh. 

Susie  Austin    



~ by coachsusie on April 1, 2008.

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