Are You An Optimist~~~Really?~~~Susie Austin

“A pessimist is one

who makes difficulties

of his opportunities….

and an optimist is

one who makes

opportunities of his difficulties.”

Harry Truman,

quoted in the Queensland,

Australia, Courier Mail


This amazing quote happened to be sent to me this morning at the exact time I sat at my computer to decide which subject to write about today! It was sent to my by a good friend whom I have known since I was probably three years old, thanks Donna your awesome! Isn’t it wonderful to still be friends with people who you have known all your life? The mark of real friendship is when we rarely see or speak to each other but know in our hearts we are still true friends. I am very blessed in my life to have more than one of these amazing lifelong friends.


There are people who under any circumstances will always look at the world in a pessimistic way. I have learned through experience many think they are positive people while in fact they are far from it.  These people will always find difficulties or problems in any given situation. I suggest stay at a distance if at all possible, if this is not possible there are a few tricks I have found and one if the most successful is to actually ask the person why they are a pessimist. Maybe they are not aware of it and this will give you the opportunity to give this person an insight as to their own negative behavior. The other is to leave subtle little hints, maybe bits of wisdom. Maybe copy the five to one rule and set it on the person’s desk.


I believe making opportunities out difficulties is an amazing perspective and I am living proof of this, as I am quite sure you are as well. Think of a time when you have had difficulties and the information you learned as a result has make life changing effects on you. It is through our difficulties we build character, learn integrity, respect, and most importantly we learn how to give back, how to mentor and teach others. This I believe is our responsibility to our children, co-workers and people we meet along the way.


Have you ever met someone whom you liked instantly, who was kind and warm and friendly, and who always had something nice to say?

Today’s thought is this; wouldn’t you like to have someone remember you as that person?

Possitive Thinking The 5 to 1 ruleSeptember 25, 2007

Susie Austin



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