Music Feeds Your Soul~~~Susie Austin

“Words make you think a thought.


Music makes you feel a feeling.


A song makes you feel a thought.”



 E. Y. Harburg




I had a wonderful opportunity to see a Christian Band last night; it was a benefit concert for the Acts 1:8 which is an organization that practices random acts of Christian kindness. The band was Mercy Me, if you have never heard them I suggest you take some time and listen to a few of their songs. The music touches the soul, I have mentioned this before and I am going to talk about it a little more.



Have you ever had a song that has made you cry, or feel great emotion? I think the mood you are in has a great deal to do with the emotion your feeling as well. I remember when I would break up with a boyfriend all that was on the radio were sad songs about heart break or maybe it was just I was listening to them more intently and it seemed I could relate to every word.



There are songs that make me laugh, cry, and remember good and bad times in my life. I can change my mood with music and I can feel songs that talk to my soul. I Praise God with song and feel his presence with much of the music I listen to.

I can’t tell how wonderful it feels to hear a song and know the presence of the Lord within your soul.


Today I suggest playing your favorite music and sit back and relax, let the music sooth your soul and remember the wonderful times associated with the songs.


Take a moment and listen to the song from Mercy Me entitled God With Us.



Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on April 6, 2008.

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