What Is Your Mission~~~Susie Austin

Here is a test to find out



whether your mission



in life is complete.



If you’re alive, it isn’t.



Richard Bach from Jonathon Livingston Seagull



Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a novel that was written about a seagull and his quest for flight, learning life lessons along the way. Jonathan was board with the life of a seagull squabbling for food; he had a passion for flight and he learned everything he could about it. Because of this he became an outcast as he was different and would not conform to ways of his flock. He continues toward his goals of reaching higher flights meeting wonderful people along the way soaring higher and to new levels. At end of the book Jonathans teacher tells him these words, which are “keep working on love”, this is where he realizes he must forgive in order for his spirit to be free. He ends up going back to the flock and becoming a teacher himself.




Do you have an idea what your mission is in life? When you look back at your life what will you see? Accomplishments, failures, the kindness that were shown you and the differences you have made in others lives?




Today is a good day to examine yourself and assess where you are at this place in time in your life. Are where and who you wanted to be or did you compromise yourself at sometime. Today is also a good day to begin new! If there is something you have not done begin to take steps to do it! The worst that can happen is you do not succeed, however you made the effort so in a sense you have succeeded.




Don’t conform to the ways of the flock, be yourself and learn from your mistakes as these lessons are what give you character and teach you integrity. Learn to forgive as this will make you complete and help you to soar new heights even you would realize!




Your alive so be alive, move forward with each day to be a better person inside and out!






Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on April 7, 2008.

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