Life Choices~~~Susie Austin



“And in life, it is all about choices we make.


 And how the direction of our lives   


 comes down to the choices we choose.”



Catherine Pulsifer


We live in a hurry up world; we make choices very quickly without thinking through the whole picture. Most people are so busy living their lives they never take a look at the direction their lives are going. Kids get out of school or have to have a job in school to buy that “cool” car or nice things. I actually encourage my children not to work in high school as they have the rest of their life to work. This is a place to gain experience, learn how to dream, how to plan and what direction they would like their life to go. They are told when to eat, when to go to class, and when to go home. What they are not told is how to live. These lessons are learned and some are very difficult.



Our lives begin to move us instead of us moving it. We need to ask questions such what are the pieces of the puzzle needed to design the life we truly want? The next key is to stay focused on the end result which is difficult to do. People spend more time planning a wedding, a one-day event, than planning their life.

Today I would like you to consider a life plan. What you would like to accomplish in your lifetime and make steps toward making this plan a reality. If a lifetime is too much to grasp at this time consider a five-year plan. I think the key here is to believe in yourself. A friend sent me a paragraph in which I am going to include today as it says it much better than I can.  


Last night was the NCAA final game of the basketball season. And before the game, the Kansas Coach said to his team, “Tonight will be a night you will remember the rest of your lives. And, I know you will make it something special.”


When I turned on the game, they were down by 9 points with a little over a minute to go. Kansas came back on the belief that they were going to win and tied it to send the game into overtime. In the overtime they literally crushed Memphis, to win the title.


Belief in yourself is a powerful ally in our daily lives.

Today begin to believe in yourself, your hopes, and dreams and know they are within your grasp!





Susie Austin










~ by coachsusie on April 8, 2008.

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