Do You Know Your Ancestors?~~~Susie Austin

Remember, remember always,




That all of us, you and I especially




are descended from immigrations




and revolutionists.





Franklin D. Roosevelt




Do you know anything about your ancestors? I received an email from my father today and it was the story of his family. His ancestors in 1850 had heard how beautiful WI was and decided to come here. These brothers became the original settlers in the town that I eventually was born and grew up in. They bought the land from the United States Government for $1.28 an acre and eventually brought the rest of their families here. The first house was built, the first child was born, the first school was formed in which the building is still standing today, and history was recorded.



The most interesting stories can many times be found in our own history however there are not many people who take the time to learn about our ancestries. If you have never learned about your family maybe a good suggestion for a hobby is to research your family history. I am grateful quite a bit of my family history is recorded. I remember as a child reading very old books about our ancestors and the story of their settlement here in Wisconsin.




I think we need to slow our pace a little and remember the past.



Can you imagine what an adventure it must have been traveling and exploring a new land? There had to have been many difficulties and hardships as well.



We live in a fast pace society with all our comforts of daily living. Imagine what it was like living the life of our early settlers in this country. I have to smile as I am sitting in my recliner typing on my laptop with the television in the background.  



Yes I am truly grateful for what I have although I sometimes feel I have too much. Are you grateful for all that you have in your life?



Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on April 11, 2008.

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