Have You Healed From Your Scars?~~~Susie Austin




“When will people understand


that words can cut as


sharply as any blade,


 and that those cuts leave


 scars upon our souls.”





I had the good fortune in hearing a wonderful sermon today on scars, physical scars and scars on our souls.



I was reminded of the physical scars I have on my body and how each one of them tell a story. The scar on my left eyebrow came from when I was a young child.  My sister had dressed me up and I tripped on my dress and fell down he steps. I had received a concussion and had to be rushed to the hospital. My sister felt terrible for years and the memories were quite vivid. I can remember in detail many stories from the time I had surgery on my eyes and had bandages on my eyes for two weeks and I was only seven. Can you recall the stories that go along with your scars?



I believe no one can go through life without having soul scars, things we have to forgive ourselves for. Things we have to ask forgiveness for, things we need to make right with the past, and things we need to make right with God. When you have healed from your soul scars you have the perfect opportunity to help others heal from theirs.



Life is about forgiveness and healing. It is about lessons learned and lessons to be learned. It is about adventure, love and hope. Please today begin to live your life, if you need healing take steps to do so. Today is your opportunity to decide to move forward with the life of your choice.



Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on April 13, 2008.

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