Calmness of the Mind and Body~~~Susie Austin

The more tranquil a man becomes,




The greater is his success, his influence,




his power for good.




Calmness of the mind is one of the




beautiful jewels of wisdom.




James Allen





There is always so much to do, there is never enough time, and we feel pressured to accomplish almost the impossible each day. What happens to inner peace and tranquility, they become something we read about and attend seminars to find how to get it back.




Have you ever found yourself in a big hurry to get someplace and you are irritated at all the other drivers because they are driving incredibly slow? You find yourself passing wildly and making comments only to have to slam your brakes on at the next red light while the car in question calmly pulls up beside you and flashes you a nice smile? Yes, me too.




I have learned to laugh at myself when this happens and remember it is not that important to race to get there 30 seconds ahead of the guy behind me.




I have a couple of tips to help in the everlasting quest to stay calm. Ask yourself is it life threatening? If not don’t sweat it. Ask your friends and family to tell you to arrive 15 min to a half hour before you are really supposed to be, this only works the first few times but it helps you be a bit more conscious of time. Set the clock ahead in your car by just a couple of minuets and have relaxing music on the radio or player. Burn nice smelling candles in your home as this helps with relaxation. These are just a few on a list of many, however I believe you understand the picture.




I know we live in a way to fast pace world and I am just as guilty as anyone else regarding being overbooked, overstressed and overwhelmed at times. I suggest we all become a bit more aware of the peace and tranquility that can be a part of our everyday life. It will get done whether we are stressed or not stressed is a phrase I repeat many times. Today consider calming the mind and body, smile often and know peace.



Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on April 14, 2008.

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