Do the Best You Can~~~Susie Austin




“You’re not obligated to win.



You’re obligated to keep trying



to do the best you can every day,”




 Marian Wright Edelman


What constitutes a winner, we can agree there are many ways of being a winner from sports, goals, work, and life in general. I believe we are all winners if we do not quit or give up on what is most important, which is the journey, life. Maybe you did not win the prize but you never quit. True winners are those who kept trying and do their best every day. Winners are those who play for the love of the game, winners are those who in the face of great difficulties and sadness kept going. Winners are those suffering from cancer who never give up and keep fighting every day, who face grave outcomes and still have a smile on their face. Heroes are service men who risk their lives every day away from their families to keep us free, safe and out of harms way.


Have you looked at yourself recently and wondered if you are at your best? Maybe start on a new path, one of moving forward with your life. Have you become dormant, lost your vision, if so make the choice to do your personal best every day. The beauty of this is, we are allowed a fresh start each day! Each day presents itself as a new beginning, a time for you to shine, make the best of time you have, and be the best at what ever you choose to do!


Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on April 24, 2008.

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