Find Victory in The Small Stuff~~~Susie Austin

April 25


All our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them.

 Walt Disney

Do your dreams seem far away? Does the distance between the finish seem to make you discouraged? We sometimes forget our dreams and goals take time and are not accomplished in a short period but in a series of steps. To many times we are concerned about the end result without realizing it is about the journey. We should celebrate the small victories that lead us to the end result and this will bring you great joy. Stop looking at only the end result and celebrate the small victories along the way which are leading you toward your dream.


When you reach your goal you will look back and realize it was quite an incredible journey that got you there. I found when reaching the desired goal it is quite exhilarating however the reflection of how I got there seemed to be my focus. Many times you may find the goals are not quite as important as, the wisdom you gained, the experiences you had, and the memories created on your journey.


My suggestion for today is to remember the steps along the way that lead to the end result. Begin to look the small victories, don’t look only to the end result to bring you joy. Make the most of every day and know dreams can come true, all dreams if we are realistic and have the courage to pursue them.


  Susie Austin

Happy Birthday to my amazing daughter Nicole, whom I love very much! The first born, who has many dreams, and is finding her way in this world. No longer a teenager and a beautiful young woman I am very proud of.







~ by coachsusie on April 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Find Victory in The Small Stuff~~~Susie Austin”

  1. Nice post. It’s true that we often only look at the bigger picture and miss all of the small successes we achieve on the way.

  2. never ever lose sight of your dreams and make them the thing that gets you out of bed each day and no matter how big or small they are or how far away they seem you will achieve them!

  3. Great post… I love that qoute “Make every day count”… it helps me wake up with purpose…and when I spend the day in that mindset, often my goals are achieved organically… in God’s timing.

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