Have Some Fun~~~Susie Austin

“Unless each day can be looked

back upon by an individual

as one in which he has had some fun,

some joy, some real satisfaction,

that day is a loss.”




What is fun? That a loaded question as everyone has a different idea of what fun is and what is fun for one person may not be for another. I would like to take a general look at fun today. We all can agree fun should be relaxing, stress reducing, light hearted with activities ranging from recreational activities, hobbies, physical activities, and just making time for you activities.  


Unfortunately we have many barriers to even having fun.  Many people have an overly serious attitude; many feel guilty about taking time just relaxing, some feel it takes money to have fun and my personal favorite many just forget to play and never take the time. I have actually heard people say proudly,” I have not taken a vacation in thirty years!” How incredibly sad that is to spend your vacation or play time working on the never ending to do list.


I am going to give you a couple of strategies today that may help in your quest to begin having fun. Nurture your sense of humor and begin to look at the light or positive side of things. There is always a positive side of any negative. Schedule a fun day with family, friends, or just by yourself. Try a new activity and budget money just for fun activities and be on the lookout for free activities as there are many. Begin to have the mindset that having fun is a part of life and laughter is food for the soul.


Have a good healthy laugh every day, consider lightening up a bit, and surround yourself with fun and happy people. At the end of the day have the satisfaction of knowing how wonderful life can be and you are participating not watching!


Susie Austin



~ by coachsusie on April 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Have Some Fun~~~Susie Austin”

  1. Two of my rules for fun parenting…

    1. Fun requires participation… don’t worry…
    2. It all washes

  2. That is sad that so many people view life as drudgery. 30 years and no vacation…I am assuming these individuals do not enjoy their work AND neglect play.

    Life itself should be seen as a holiday on Earth.

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