Happy Mothers Day~~~Susie Austin

“Mother, you are the best gift that a person could want. Happy Mothers Day!”

Sarah Austin Shields age 9


Today us a day to celebrate mothers and reflect on what it means to be a mother. I have to laugh as I remember, I was the one who was not going to have children, I did not like them to much, and I did not think I would make a good mom. My sister still gives me a hard time because I have four children and I found when my first child was born I was meant to be a mom. There is so much more than anyone thinks and each age brings special memories along with new challenges. I wish I could take all their pain away, I wish I could make all their experiences happy however I know the only they will grow is by there own life lessons.


I have many memories of my mother and my grandmother, they were kind and gentle, they loved me very much there was no doubt in my mind. Thinking back to my most difficult days, how difficult that must have been for her knowing how sick I was and not being able to do anything about it. The unconditional love a mother has for her children is undeniable.


I can not tell you how fortunate I am to have the mother I have. My mother is an amazing person whom I respect and love. On this special day please tell your mother you love her today and to my mother, I thank God he gave me you as a mother, I love you.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on May 11, 2008.

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