High School Prom~~~Susie Austin~~May 10, 2008

Just around the corner

in every woman’s mind –

is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit,

 or entire costume which

 will make an enchanting

new creature of her. 

 ~Wilhela Cushman





Have you ever been to a prom, or better yet have you ever had a teenage daughter getting ready for the prom? It is quite an experience especially if she has any drama in her life at all. It is all about the dress initially and take a hint from experience. Never order one on line because chances are it won’t be the one. It then becomes about the nails, jewelry, make up and never forget the hair.


I am the proud mother of such a young woman and am smiling happily as she is dancing her heart out as I write.

The day went off with out a hitch until she came home from getting her hair done and was hysterical and crying because it did not look good.  This is where the mother in me took over. I insisted she go back and have it redone. It was a battle to get her back there however I did not give up. It was beautiful the second time and I was relieved.


After the picture session was over, by the way every picture imaginable was taken including backs, wrists, and my nine year old daughter ever took a picture of her book.:)


We were off to the grand march where she looked stunning. I asked her is she felt pretty and she said yes. This was music to my ears as this is the only thing I wanted to hear, I was a happy and proud mom. I left a little note in her purse to let her know how I felt.


The moral of the story, always be a mom not a friend, do the right thing, be there for your kids and know when the right time is to jump in and take over.  

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on May 11, 2008.

One Response to “High School Prom~~~Susie Austin~~May 10, 2008”

  1. i never got to have my hair and nails done w/ a new dress… :(…buttt…none the less, you being there for picutres was more important. I love my friends, but i love mom’s even more!!!


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