Are You A Motivator? ~~~ Susie Austin


The greatest discovery  

of any generation is that 

 a human being can alter his life  

by altering his attitude.

William James





Positive people make natural leaders and are good motivators; people like to be around them.

Don’t you feel drawn to positive people and try to avoid people who complain all the time? Today take a look at yourself and what do you see? Do you see a person others would like be around, are you a good role model for others to follow?


I have a suggestion for you to try today, in your daily routine I am sure you come across negative conversations, instead of throwing in your own negative comments, try keeping your mouth closed or offering positive comments instead. This does not mean you should not have an opinion or not voice it, is simply means be careful what you say and don’t get caught up in the constant surge of gossip that a lot of people feed on.


Attitude is the key! Attitudes are contagious so how about spreading your day with happiness a good attitude and enthusiasm. You should find people like to be around you more, you will also note how good it feels to be known as a happy and positive person. I don’t think anyone likes to be known as a negative person and most people would deny they are one


Today fill your day with happiness, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, stay away from the negative people and make it a point to compliment the people in around you and feel good about the person you are on the inside.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on May 14, 2008.

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