Make A Memory~~~May 16~~~Susie Austin

Memory is a way of



holding onto the things you love,



the things you are,



 the things you never want to lose. 



 ~From the television show



The Wonder Years




What makes memories? Have you thought about this lately? Looking back over the last year how many memories stick out in your mind as awesome. I have something I would like to share with you today regarding memories.


Today I had the privilege to accompany my daughter’s third grade class on a field trip. It was to a sanctuary where for the last 30 years students have been going to learn about wild and plant life starting from first grade through sixth grade. The third grade is probably the most exciting as they are allowed into the water with boots and nets to search for all the creatures that live in the Fox River. Parents were grouped into three groups and each had a station with mine being in the water. We parents had to find the first specimens for the children to look through the microscope. It was great fun, but even more was working with the children helping them fight the strong current in search of the live that lives within the waters. Sarah and I had great fun but more importantly we made a wonderful memory.


We talked about it later and I told her to store this memory as we had a perfect day, from the beautiful warm sunny spring day to having the opportunity to spend time together with her class.


I think the key is sometimes we need to remind each other to remember this day and store it as a memory; this will help us to remember what a special day it was.


For today make a new memory with someone you care about and at the end of the day discuss it and make a decision together this was a special memory we will always share.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on May 17, 2008.

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