Act Succussful~~ Be Successful~~~Susie Austin


Success is almost totally

dependent upon drive and persistence.

 The extra energy required

to make another effort

or try another approach

is the secret of winning.


Dennis Waitley


We have heard many sayings such as going the extra mile, giving it all we have. I am sure we can think of many. I would like for you take a good a look at your habits work ethics. Do you do just enough to get by, do you go that extra little bit and care about the end results? Do you give up easy or do you pursue your goals and continue to move forward.


To be successful you have to want to be successful. You have to be willing to take a few chances, and in my opinion you have to feel successful. Know what it feels like to realize your dreams and know they are within reach. Believe in yourself and your abilities have the extra energy it takes to move forward and be persistent and focused as you move forward.


To be successful you have to act successful, do not let anyone smother your dreams and ideas as this can happen very easily however if we act successful and believe in ourselves others will not be as quick to give us negative feedback.


When you want to be successful and you act successful, guess what? You are successful! There is little doubt in my mind when you carry out these practices you are and will be successful. It is not any secret, your feelings about yourself, the world, your surroundings depends on you! If you feel your successful and want to be successful chances are you are. J

Don’t forget happiness, caring, love and kindnesses are all components of success as well. All these combined with motivation, dreams and ethics will be your key to living the life you envision.  

Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on May 21, 2008.

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