Look Fear In The Face~~~Susie Austin

 “You gain strength, courage,

 and confidence by every experience

 in which you really stop to

look fear in the face.

You must do the thing which

 you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


I have the privilege on a daily basis to watch people’s confidence levels grow and see them overcome fear. The fear usually can be overcome by facing it and stepping through. How many times have you been able to overcome fear simply by doing what it is you fear? Do you agree with the statement what we fear most is fear itself.

What is top on your fear list and how have you overcome them? I personally always had a fear of heights, after many years of practice I now can walk to the top of a tower and gaze out at the awesomeness of the amazing sights. I had the fear of spiders until I lived in the desert for many years and had to exterminate a significant amount of them, still not my favorite task.  

The fear of failure or not being the best at something has always been difficult for me however now I feel differently as I understand this is part of success. All the wisdom gained and the satisfaction of knowing I did my best and I tried. This is what you need to understand as well. Do your best, try hard, look fear in the face and do what it is you think you cannot do. This makes you a successful person.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on May 28, 2008.

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