Live Life With Honesty~~~Susie Austin

“honesty is the first chapter

of the book of wisdom.” 


~Thomas Jefferson




Honesty is a much greater achievement than always telling the truth. What a great statement, it means you are genuine in all that you think, say and all that you do.


Honesty is much more than telling the truth, it includes understanding the truth, it means having courage to live and speak it, and it means living your life with integrity, being honest with yourself in all you think, do and say.


Honesty shows you care, being honest with yourself and others show you care and demonstrates self respect and respect for others. A caring attitude will make people stop and think and is quite appealing and overall will make you happier person. You will set a good example for others and be a positive role model for the people in your life.


Remember honesty involves the realization your experiences are always different than everyone else’s, you see things differently, your view of the world is different, this makes you unique and your individual truth may look different than others. Learn the truth about others and the possibility others can be truthful with different views as yours.  If an incident is viewed by five different people there will be five different truths all are honest, all are different and all are telling the truth.


Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom as Mr. Jefferson states so wisely. It is much more than telling the truth however telling the truth is essential in living a life of honesty. Be honest, tell the truth and live a life of integrity.


Susie Austin


~ by coachsusie on June 3, 2008.

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